Flingaroo™ Flight

Flingaroo™ Flight Photo
KONG toy
Flingaroo™ Flight Photo
One Size, Teal
  • dog paw Lightweight pom-pom ignites fling and capture fun
  • dog paw Eye-catching, shiny wings entice engagement
  • dog paw Fluttery feathers reward hunting instincts
KONG Flingaroo Flight launches cats into healthy instinct satisfying fling and capture play. The large and lightweight pom ignites playtime with an ease of being able to toss the toy into the air and a satisfying grab and drag action. between the wings Shiny wings draw attention to the soft pom-pom designed for grabbing and flinging. The crackle sounds within the ball and irresistible fluttery feather action spark hunting instincts. A durable wax string links everything together and supports loads of flinging fun. KONG Premium North American Catnip keeps the engagement high for long-lasting indoor play sessions.
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