Refillables Catnip Tubes 3-pack

Refillables Catnip Tubes 3-pack Photo
KONG toy
Refillables Catnip Tubes 3-pack Photo
9 g
  • dog paw Premium Catnip ideal to add into KONG Cat Toys
  • dog paw Sprinkle on any cat toy or scratcher for on-going fun
  • dog paw Grown in North America
KONG Refillable Catnip is a versatile way to extend kitty’s playtime fun. An ideal way to make play sessions last longer, KONG Refillable Catnip keeps toys engaging while extending play sessions. Ideally, paired with KONG Refillable Cat toys, KONG Premium North American Catnip is an all-natural addition to engage a cat’s natural instincts. Want to teach appropriate scrachting habits? Add a few dashes to any cat scratcher for a rewarding session.
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