Rewards Wally

Rewards Wally Photo
KONG toy
Rewards Wally Photo
M/L, Red Blue
  • dog paw Unpredictably moving treat dispenser fulfills foraging instincts
  • dog paw Great alternative to food bowls
  • dog paw Steady motion extends engagement

KONG Rewards Wally produces a slow and steady roll when nudged, gradually dispensing kibble or treats. The unique exterior creates an unpredictable motion, rewarding natural foraging instincts. The outer grippy material mutes noise for quieter play. Use this 1-cup slow feeder as a food bowl to help manage weight by extending mealtime. Unscrews easily for filling and hand washing.

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Guaranteed Analysis:
Twist off top section on top of ball to open. Fill Rewards Wally with dry food or small treats. • For TREAT DISPENSING fun, add a small handful. • For MEALTIME FEEDING, add up to 1 cup per filling. Twist top on tightly. Encourage your dog to push, paw and roll Rewards Wally to dispense rewards. Hand wash with soapy water.

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